Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Snap Valentine's Day Giveaway

 In the spirit of feeling excited about the Life Instyle event coming up in late Feb, I've decided to run a snap giveaway of two card packs - each featuring five loveydovey designs. Although this is not assuming that you'll be giving away Valentine's Day cards to five different people! Deary me!

These cards are perfect for all year round, or weddings or engagements...

So to be in the running for a pack, all you have to do is leave a comment with your name below (eg. PICK ME!!! - Mia C.) and on Thursday two winners will be picked out of a hat and announced! And the cards will be on their way in the post first thing Friday morning!



  1. Pick Me - Mia C! I don't know why Mia... but PICK ME.. Brian Tran :D

  2. PICK ME - Priscilla Choi! Maybe Mia C stands for:
    M alevolent
    I gloos
    A wkwardly

    C uddle

  3. Oh Mabel sent me! and I am soooo glad! I L.O.V.E your beautiful art work and W.A.N.T want want to win your free giveaway.... :) Anna Y

  4. Oh Mabel sent me-fabulous art!! please pick me!!-Vanessa

  5. Pick me! I'm your all time (second) greatest fan!

  6. I'd love to win. One of my besties is getting married late march!

  7. I love your cards so much I'm going to order some! Cool about in style exhibition, crossing my fingers that you make some great contacts there! Amy xx

  8. very very pretty! i want to win! you will save on postage you can just deliver to my door haha. you will be famous one day! good luck with trade fair! pick meee xxx

  9. Ohh cute stuff! Would love for you to pick me - Virginia :)

    1. Virginia!! You were a winner! Inbox me your mailing deets so I can post the cards to you! x

  10. Ooo!!! Particularly love the 'old couple' one! So sweet! Please pick me =) Jas Y

  11. Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are delightful in every way!



  12. Dear Mia,

    Knowing that my significant other likes to receive nice cards, I have decided this year to embrace the occasional card giving opportunity that Valentines Day presents.

    While in the past I have opted for cards picturing popular Australian marsupials, I decided for a more heartfelt and handcrafted approach this time.

    When every newsagent selection was failing, and no card measuring up to my standards, I was ready to give up. Until I saw your promotion.

    Please pick me, Mia!

    From a not so distant admirer of your work.

  13. Wow!! There amazing!! Pick me!! Laura K

  14. Hey Mia! These are just incredibly gorgeous. You really have your work cut out for you. Pick me for the sake of the pun. Erin H.